Monday, 21 May 2007

A new hairstyle???

Liesel (my sister), Warren, Debbie, Luke and Rebekah (my brother and his family) came round for left overs yesterday and also to wish Leanne happy birthday - her birthday was on 20 May. A bit later on my other brother, Malcolm, Carol, Byron and Cassandra came round as well as my mom and dad. My mom brought the left over merangues and we brought out the left over chocolate and did sme dunking!! It was still good.

While we were all sitting in the lounge chatting and watching a bit of TV, Cassandra, Byron and Leanne decided that I needed my hair re-arranged. Leanne put gel in it and started giving me a mohawk, but then she decided that she needed to put something else in it. She went off to her room and came back with something else. I had no idea what she was doing except that I must have looked really funny as Byron and Cassandra were chuckling like mad!! Once Leanne was finished she went and fetched her mirror from her room and showed me my hair - shock of shocks she had put blue gel in my hair!!! I could not believe what I was seeing!

I have washed my hair twice and it still has some blue streaks in it. Either the people at work were being polite or they did not notice my blue streaks, as I surely knew they were there! The things we have to do to keep children amused!!!

Blue haired mom signing off ....

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