Sunday, 06 May 2007

Walker Revived

When the alarm rang at 04h30 this morning, I was in good spirits. Dereck and I had decided to do the 10km Checkout Verulam walking race. The last time I walked was 2 weeks ago when I did a 30km racewalk along a 2km length of NMR avenue and due to the camber, got really serious bliters on the side of each heel. These were really sore, and have only just recovered.

We met up with Sharon, Jeanine, Reg, Charmaine, George, Little Dave and Antoinette. We all started off slowly as at the 2km mark Charmaine would have achieved her "silver" (805km) on the 1000km challenge and we had champagne to celebrate with.

Once we had our "slug" of champagne, I decided that I wanted to walk faster. I reached 5km in 40 minutes, having made up some time and then at the 8km mark realised that the marking were wrong. I finished comfortably in 1h22:33, with George beating me by 3 seconds! It was a great race for me. At the finish we received a goodie bag, a t shirt, some fruit and there was also tea, coffee and cake available.

Once home, I decided to get my black and white photo of me taken so that I could make a start on my "Candice Greenway" layout that I recently purchased. I went the Pavilion and had it printed and also found some plain purple ribbon which I needed. Once home I started getting things ready, but then my mom-in-law and Lesley (Dereck's sister from Holland) arrived.

It was good to catch up on the news of the family and we ended up ordering pizza from Scooters for supper and watched a bit of the movie "Borat".

Now I am off to get started on my layout.

Revived walker signing off ...


Candice G said...

Hey Michelle!

Congratulations on your new blog, so exciting :o)
I love your self portrait shot & can't wait to see your layout.

Have fun!


Desire Fourie said...

Wow you walked a good time - must have been the champaigne. So how far did you get with {C} layout? Love your blog's quite additions - when can I get some tips from you?