Monday, 26 October 2009

Been busy crafting

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had gone to the Ceramic Craft Studio in Northdene with my friends, Shelley & Rayna and started painting a plate. Well, I eventually finished it and had it glazed and this is the end result. I am sooooo impressed with myself as I have never seen myself as a painter (even though I copied this). I had fun doing it and I might just surprise myself and do another plate or something else that will be useful.Two weeks ago when we went for another lesson I decided that I wanted to make this welcome plaque to go on the wall next to my front door. This was done using the dry brush method of painting, which I really enjoyed. I finished this on Saturday at our lesson.
I have already reserved a nice big bull frog for my next lesson in December. I won't be going to any lessons during November as Leanne (my daughter) is arriving from Wales next Monday and will be visiting for a month, only going back on 4 December. I can't possibly go crafting when we will have girlie things to do. I am sooo excited to see her and am literally counting the sleeps until she gets here.
Thanks for looking.
Excited painter signing off ....


Helen Tilbury said...

Oh Michelle I love all your work! The plate is absolutely amazing - you did a fantastic job of it & just in time for Christmas :)

Andrea said...

LOVE the plate...I can just imagine how excited you are to see your daughter - I hope the time goes very quickly for you until she arrives and then slows down to a snails pace once she is there!


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow Michelle. I just love your ceramic work. Those little snowmen are so cute and colourful, it will be a shame to put some eats in it. And of course your welcome sign is just so froggielicious and with those red lips Mrs Frog will definitely be the lady of the pond. Well done ... you are a pro.