Monday, 19 October 2009

Izzy and the Hadedas

Most mornings I crumble old bread and then throw it out for the Hadedas. I have to be careful that our dogs don't see me as they then go out and try and eat the crumbs. Last week Thursday, Izzy saw me and went running out to eat up the bread crumbs. The Hadedas decided that they weren't going to wait for this little dod to go back inside and promptly joined her in eating "their" crumbs. She just ignored them and once she felt she had enough, she just trotted on back into the house. Notice the bird bath, filled with two big Hadedas.

Desire, you will note to the left of the birdbath is where I have planted my Fever tree and another further to the left of it. With all the rain we have had recently, they are both growing nicely and have lots of new green leaves.

Crumbled signing off.

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Desire Fourie said...

You have really transformed this piece of nature beautifully Michelle. Yip, I did spot my favourite tree, the fevers as well as the poor birdbath being invaded by the Hadedas. I must say if I were a Hadeda a timid little dog like Izzy will definitely not keep me away from juicy bread crumbs.