Monday, 05 October 2009

Been busy Scrapping

This layout was comemorating my completion of a 42.2km walk and achieving my permanent number. I am one of a handful of walkers who have achieved this, so I am really proud of this fact. I got the layout idea from Desire from one of her layouts she did titled "Fun in the Berg". It was a great race and is my absolute favourite even though it is a double lapper. I finished this race with 3 minutes to spare being the last official finisher and received a plaque with the bronze, silver and gold medals on it. There were 7 runners behind me who did not make the cut off time. In February 2007 while I was reading the Runner's World I was dosing off and when I awoke and turned the page, there was my picture advertising the 2007 race to be held in March 2007. What a surprise I got and it was the picture that had been taken of me under the finish banner in 2004!!!! This layout below is one from the my first year as a Run/Walk for Life Manager. The journalling is as follows:

Late November 1999. It was my first year as a Run Walk for Life Manager and Wayne and I decided to have our prizegiving somewhere other than at the club, so we had it at Sherilyn Stevens’ house in Westville. Wayne was due to move into his duplex and Shelley & I made up a survival pack for him, consisting of things like toilet paper, disprins, piece of string, ear buds – to name a few, with comments on what they were to be used for!!! We were hysterical as he read them out. We had a great evening and once all the formalities were over the party goers danced up a storm. Some of the members:
Top L – Steve Beckerling, Auriol Diedricks, Nick Schutte
Middle – Me, Wayne, Shelley
Bottom L – Sean Coleman, Nick Schutte
Top R – Julie Oxenham, Me
Bottom R – Sean Coleman, Nick & Heather Schutte, Me, Shelley and Eddie Goldblatt

This layout is from the Medihelp Relay in which took place at the Yellow-wood Park club. It was a 7km walk through the nature reserve and back to the field. The various Run/Walk for Life branches joined up for this one and we dominated the field as well as the prizes. The day started off well, but by the time the 3 and 4th walkers got onto the road it had started to rain and became very unpleasant. But while the sun was shining a great time was had by all.

This layout is the Wings 15km which is a route on the Bluff. Rather hilly, but an enjoyable race.

This layout shows all the people from my branch who took part in a fundraiser walk to raise money for Choc. The journaling is as follows:
4 November 2006. We each paid R20 and got a set of shoelaces and then at our Run/Walk for Life session we walked 10km in aid of raising money for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation). Taking part were:
Back: Donna du Toit, Jenny, Me, Jeanine Johnson, Sally Nahman, Ronnie Amm, Reg Groves, George Smith
Middle: Dave Coetzee, Jeanette Smith, Lyn Gonzaga, Nikki Bosman, Charmaine, Sharon Fuchs, Googs Mulder
Front: Eileen White, Saras Naiker, Terry Warren, Ros Schafer, Janine le Febour

Friday night Dereck and I and some of our friends had booked to go and attend night racing at Greyville, but due to all the rain, it was cancelled. So, we ended up going to Waxy O' Connor's for a drink and then something to eat. Most enjoyable as I haven't done that for a while. Got home and did a bit of scrapping.
Saturday morning Rayna fetched me and we went off to the Ceramic Craft Studio for some therapy. Rayna carried on painting her plate and I started painting a "welcome" frog using the dry brush technique. I must say I really enjoyed doing it and will certainly do some more. If you make a mistake, you just paint over it - a very forgiving craft. I haven't finished, but will hopefully finish it in 2 weeks time when we have another lesson. Saturday afternoon I carried on with my scrapping while Dereck watched sport on TV.
Sunday did a bit of shopping and then when Dereck went out to take part in a Blues festival to get into the Guinnes Book of Records for the most number of guitarists together, I went to visit my friend Audrey who had a birthday on Saturday. It was good to see her and catch up with her news. I had lunch with her and got home at about 4:30pm and carried on scrapping. I even managed to pull myself away from my scrapping to watch the Sunday movie on TV!!!
All in all a busy, but relaxing week-end.
Scrapped up a storm signing off ....


Helen Tilbury said...

Whoa Michelle the mind boggles at how many hours you have spent scrapping lately my friend! I love the wiggly template on the walking one...makes me think of the funny wiggle people get when they walk fitness-fast...also love all the ephemera on your first layout. You have certainly done a great job while I have been away!

Sophia said...

Busy girl great I see..job.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz Michelle! So many layouts - I am so impressed. Well done. I think you are one of the busiest people I know. Also so nice to see all the walks/races you have done - keep up the good work.
Lotsa love
Carol (the other TP)

Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe, now I am really and truly exhausted, reading about all the distance you covered with walking and seeing those special moments scrapped so beautifully. Well done on these achievements ... something you can really share with your grand bambinos one day.

Jose said...

Exhausted here too... love all your pages especially the wavy lines looked real fun
Jose xx

Andrea said...

Don't you just LOVE scrapping - such an amazing way to commemorate you you LOVED living your memories while you worked on those layouts.

Pumpy said...

Also loved your wavy lines, by goodness you are energetic ! ! Go Girl. xxx